To download the KS3 Physics Scheme please click on Excel or pdf.

The scheme is aimed at not just developing the conceptual understanding of pupils in physics but we also hope that through teaching the scheme, teachers will be able to draw on research in physics pedagogy and develop their own practice.

The trial of the scheme

We are working with 20 schools in the greater London area on a trial of this research informed KS3 physics scheme.  This involves 10 schools trialing the scheme and 10 as a control group. We will post a link to the results of the trial here when it is complete. Pupils do an assessment on their physics understanding at the start of the year, and again at the end.  Teachers are invited to complete an anonymous questionnaire at the start and end of the year which assesses their understanding and approach to teaching physics.  By comparing the schools who taught the new scheme against those who did not, we will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the scheme in developing conceptual understanding of physics. All of the pupil and teacher data will remain anonymous.

Questions or comments?

Please email us or contact us on Twitter via @MAHardman and @jpscience if you have any questions or comments about this scheme.